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Bosch Ritter Sport

While chocolate consumption is stagnating in developed countries like Germany, places like India and China register increasing amounts. Enjoying chocolate, whose basic ingredient comes from roasted beans of cocoa trees, belongs to the growing wealth of the new middle classes. The brand of Ritter Sport is one of the most successful ones on the market: The producing company Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG is Europe‘s number 3, currently offering 28 different flavours and lots of special products. Manufacturing premises are situated since 1912 in Waldenbuch near Stuttgart – for sales in more than 100 countries. The export share already exceeds one third while growing further.


A big part of success derives from the packaging with its bright colours and of course the distinctive quadratic shape of the chocolate. Already since 2000, Ritter uses technology from Bosch Packaging Technology – in the process of offering more variety to customers and changing from provisioning to order-related assembly, flexible machinery is a must. The operated flow wrappers in balcony construction deliver short conversion times, allowing an optimization of the whole packaging process: Each of the 19 machines from Bosch Packaging Technology covers a great number of product variations.


Ritter Sport - Bosch

Klaus Hätinger, Head of Production Technology (left) and Ivo Buncuga, Technical Director (right) at the Ritter Sport Chocoshop in Waldenbuch


The satisfaction of the persons responsible at Ritter is unsurprisingly high, given that they feel well prepared for the globalization of enjoyment and the intense competition coming along. Klaus Hätinger, Head of production technology at Ritter, underlines: “For a long time, Bosch had been known to us as a provider of reliable packaging machinery and good service. However, we were won over by the way in which our real needs and requirements were considered and met. With the machines we use, we are in a position to convert to other formats within 10 to 15 minutes – without the need to use separate tools.”




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