Bosch as a stakeholder in CEFLEX

For Bosch Packaging Technology, sustainability and proper respect for nature, the environment, and resources is a key issue and is in keeping with the actions taken by our founder, Robert Bosch. We take a comprehensive approach to sustainable innovations: developing and testing new approaches before implementing them in production.


However, sustainability is a challenging topic that demands a diverse range of skills. This is why we work closely with various partners along the entire value chain. Moreover, we are active members in several initiatives and consortia that are tackling the future of packaging.


One example is CEFLEX, a collaborative project of a European consortium of companies, which represent the entire value chain of flexible packaging. The project mission is to make flexible packaging even more relevant to the circular economy by advancing better system design solutions which result from the value chain collaboration of the companies represented in the consortium.



The consortium currently has 34 stakeholders, representing all the major value chain players: raw materials suppliers, packaging converters, brand owners and retailers, producer responsibility organizations, collectors, sorters and recyclers, as well as other technology suppliers and end users of the secondary raw materials. Currently, Bosch Packaging Technology is the first packaging technology manufacturer participating in CEFLEX, being active within the work stream facilitating technologies.


Learn more about the initiative, its vision and goals:


Andreas Gross
Senior Project Manager Sustainability

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