A relief for humans, a challenge for technology

In addition to prescription medication, the Kwizda Group, which is based in Vienna/Austria, also produces the prescription-free cough syrup BRONCHOSTOP®. In 2014 Kwizda decided to expand the production of this viscous cough syrup by introducing a filling and packaging line with support from Bosch in order to meet increased demand.

For the production of BRONCHOSTOP® cough syrup in 125 to 290 milliliter sizes, Bosch proposed a compact production line from the bottle unpacker and air blower to a rotating piston-filling machine: “All production steps are carried out in one run – without interruption, enabling us to increase our current output of 70 filled bottles per minute to 200,” Christian Sickenberg, Liquida team leader at Kwizda, recalls with praise. After screw-capping the bottles and placing a measuring cup on top of the cap, they are weighed by an integrated belt scale before being passed on to the labelling machine. A turntable delivers the bottles to the dynamically designed cartoner.


Production of BRONCHOSTOP® cough syrup


Bosch designated a point of contact for Kwizda from the beginning of the project, who centrally managed all concerns and delivered a comprehensive concept that suited the limited space perfectly. The capping mechanism for the cough syrup proved particularly challenging. Three separate capping elements – a screw cap with an integrated spout and measuring cup – needed to be placed over the closed bottle.  Bosch offered a compact solution that combined these two processes in one machine. By integrating a checkweigher into the filling and capping process, under- or over-filled bottles can now be removed from the processing procedure as quickly as possible. In addition to building the actual production plant, Bosch took charge of planning the entire system and integrated the machinery from other providers into their production line.



Kamel Meherzi
Project Management and Sales Filling & Capping
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