Higher flexibility for contract manufacturers

Bosch PreVas

Each pharmaceutical product requires different production conditions. This can be a challenge for contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs), that test, produce and fill very diverse drugs. “Several customers from Europe and the US approached us to fill highly sensitive liquid biological products, which need to be handled extremely carefully. Hence, we saw the need for an additional filling solution,” says Dr. Jianjun Luo, Executive Director of Formulation and Fill/Finish in Biologics Services at WuXi Biologics in China. The company contacted Bosch Packaging Services for support. Their idea: upgrading the existing Bosch FLC line with a new solution to receive a highly flexible system.


Increasing productivity
The Bosch experts suggested the movable trolley FDM 1040, which can be connected to the FLC filling machine with a beta port for fluid transfer. Thanks to the new design, WuXi is able to switch between the existing piston pump filling station and the new filling system with a peristaltic pump. The new solution also includes the disposable filling system PreVAS and is especially suited to fill fluids in a gentle manner without any contact with the pump components.

Bosch PreVas

Bosch PreVas

Now WuXi Biologics is able to use both filling systems according to different product requirements while changing products on the same filling machine in only a few minutes. “What’s more, PreVAS is 100 percent disposable, which means we don’t need any additional CIP/SIP cleaning and validation steps,” Dr Luo explains. “This reduces the production process, increases our productivity and is a huge advantage, especially for contract manufacturing“. Only a few months after finalizing the project with Bosch, several customers of WuXi Biologics released new products on the market, which have been successfully produced with the new equipment.



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