Gently melting and fragile

Flexible Bosch packaging for Ulmer Schokoladen

Packaging chocolate in an attractive, as well as break- and melt-proof manner requires a sophisticated packaging solution. Ulmer Schokoladen, a family-owned company based in Wilhelmshaven, has been producing chocolate products for both retail and industrial manufacturing for more than 150 years.


For decades, Ulmer has been working with a Bag-in-Box Line including a case packer from Bosch to package their fragile chocolate décor. After more than 20 years of running, some machines had to be exchanged. “The lifecycle of our existing line was coming to an end. Therefore we decided to modernize it in due time,” says Justus Ulmer, junior managing director at Ulmer Schokoladen.


Bosch and Ulmer developed a line concept and renewed the line step by step. First, Bosch replaced the existing cartoning machine with a horizontal CUK 2060 with two bag infeeds. In addition, the CUK features a cascade infeed and a GUK leaflet folding unit. A checkweigher KWE 4000 with flap control and a downstream Elematic wrap-around case packer were also added to the line.


Flexible packaging

The modernization aimed at providing the highest possible flexibility. “We work with fresh products that need to be processed quickly. Since we have more and more small batches, changeovers must happen fast and without complications to avoid downtime,” says Justus Ulmer. With the CUK 2060, the folding cartons can now be filled with one or two bags, as well as with a leaflet. The cartoning machine also enables an especially safe packaging infeed and a safe transportation. The next step will be to exchange two SVB vertical baggers. Hence, Ulmer Schokoladen is well prepared to safely and reliably package 1,000 different products per year at high quality.




Rainer Andreas Gund
Area Sales Manager
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