Joint effort for less downtime

Having all required spare parts at hand when they are needed is key for a pro-active machine maintenance strategy. That is why manufacturing companies, such as Novo Nordisk Pharmaceutical Industries, Inc., count on special Preventive Maintenance Kits (PM Kits). The global market leader in the field of diabetes care has three filling lines for liquid pharmaceuticals from Bosch Packaging Technology installed at its site in Clayton, North Carolina, USA.

“In order to increase the life-span of our machines, we execute regular maintenance shutdowns twice a year,” Jim Buckley, reliability engineer at Novo Nordisk, explains. During one of these shutdowns, the company started developing new PM Kits for three key machines of its vial filling line: a Bosch RRN 3084 washing machine, a FSM 2700 filling machine, and a VRK 4010 capping machine.













Customized PM Kits

The Novo Nordisk engineers contacted Bosch Packaging Services for support. By using the existing PM Kits and refining new maintenance intervals, the two partners were able to develop a highly efficient solution which suited the specific requirements of Novo Nordisk’s production processes. The jointly-developed concept envisages three exchange intervals based on parts that need to be replaced either after 2000, 3000 or 4000 hours.

For Novo Nordisk the advantages of the new PM Kits are already making themselves felt. “Having all required parts right at hand allows us to execute our shutdowns much more smoothly than before. We also need less manpower since we are better prepared and organized,” says Carrie Walker, product transfer engineer Novo Nordisk. “Thanks to the kits we are also able to reduce costs, since we have a much better overview of what is needed at any moment and avoid unnecessary stocking.” Describing the collaboration with Bosch as a “truly joint effort”, the Novo Nordisk engineers in Clayton are considering developing further PM Kits with Bosch for several machines of their cartridge lines.


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