Innovative pack styles and flexibility thanks to mandrel wheel technology


At this year’s FachPack in Nuremberg, Bosch Packaging Technology unveiled its advanced mandrel wheel technology for the packaging of dry, free-flowing food products such as sugar, flour, and coffee.


This modified PME mandrel wheel machine boasts numerous special features. Besides being able to simultaneously process paper- and film-based packaging materials, the machine also offers a range of innovative pack styles and top closure options. Examples include cube-shaped packages, or cartons with inner bags and a combination of different top closures. Such innovative designs can increase differentiation at the point of sale and boost the customer’s competitive advantage.


PME Mandrel Weehl

With its modular design and output of up to 100 packages per minute in different sizes and shapes (ranging from 30-gram of powdered sauce to 2.5-kilogram packages of flour), the PME mandrel-wheel system is one of the most flexible packaging machines of its kind. Its high-precision dosing technology and optional inline weighing system provides high weighing accuracy and allows for the efficient packaging of free-flowing goods.


The machine also has environmental benefits. Depending on the pack style, the system is able to achieve the ideal material-to-product ratio, as well as very good stackability. This allows manufacturers to optimize their storage capacity and logistics processes, thereby reducing their environmental footprint.


To find out more about the new PME mandrel-wheel technology, please visit our website or contact us directly.


Uwe Pfander
Sales Manager
phone: +49 711 811 57478

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