Finding food safety regulations challenging?

For the Belgium-based family-run business Mydibel, trust and reliability are at the root of everything. Founded in 1988, today it offers a wide range of dehydrated, chilled and frozen potato products. With over 150 million bags (225,000 tons) per year, its products are marketed under Mydibel and private label brands.


To thrive in a highly competitive commodity market, the company is always seeking to differentiate itself while sticking to its core value of consistently delivering the highest quality product – something that ensures consumer brand loyalty in over 120 countries. Together with Bosch Packaging Technology, its long-standing partner, Mydibel was able to further optimize its packaging operation, increasing product quality and improving hygiene, ultimately enabling the company to meet hygiene regulations of the future.


Mydibel chose Bosch’s vertical SVC 4020 to pack its potato products in 500 grams to two-and-a-half-kilogram pillow bags at up to 70 bags per minute. The continuous motion solution is designed to prevent contamination, maximize output and simplify cleaning. The machine’s flexibility and tool-less changeovers are also key benefits for Mydibel. “The SVC bagger from Bosch meets our needs perfectly,” says Carlo Mylle, CEO of the Mydibel Group. “Thanks to its easy-to-clean design, high-quality bags, and flexible set-up, the new technology helps us keep our customers happy and loyal.”



Tilted surfaces and rounded corners will not trap potato residues, significantly reducing the possibility of any bacterial build-up. “The SVC 4020 is 20 to 25 percent faster than our previous vertical baggers and technologically more advanced,” adds Mylle. “It reduces product waste and downtime, while enabling us to keep up with increased demand. The first thing our customers see is the bag, so it has to look perfect. In this respect, Bosch quality and the SVC 4020 is a perfect match for our brand.”


Visit to learn more how the SVC 4020 can help you comply with diverse food safety regulations worldwide.


Robert van Mol
Product Manager
phone: +31 (495) 574-027

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