New biscuit-on-edge solution for flexible and reliable packaging

Pack 301 LS

The Pack 301 LS system for the mid-range segment offers a highly reliable and flexible solution for flow wrapping biscuits on edge. It is comprised of a Smart Measuring Loader, a Smart Slug Feeder and the Pack 301 LS horizontal flow wrapper. Developed to address current and future market requirements, the Pack 301 LS system is capable of packaging rectangular, square and round biscuits, as well as sandwich biscuits.


Innovative features for reliable product handling
Transfer points generally pose the greatest risk for product damage and breakage. The Pack 301 LS system offers innovative features to ensure an optimal product control throughout the packaging line: from the moment the product is loaded into the cross chain until the package is sealed. One example is the Smart Transfer Unit which features pre-acceleration when bringing the products from the cross chain into the infeed chain. This results in an optimal synchronization between the unit and the infeed chain, eliminating impact on the product.

Pack 301 LS

Total Productive Maintenance
Designed with operators and Total Productive Maintenance in mind, the solution has been laid out to be accessed from all sides for smooth operation, fast and easy cleaning, and low maintenance effort. The cross chain features a spring loaded chain tensioner with visual feedback, allowing the operator to easily check whether there is optimal chain tension or it should be adjusted. The open design allows crumbs and rejected products to fall through or be removed easily. All of these features add to operator friendliness and boost machine uptime and availability.


A holistic approach for maximized Overall Equipment Effectiveness
To increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), the complete biscuit feeding and packaging solution is operated by a single HMI, which enhances fast changeovers for different formats and sizes. The modular design supports scalable solutions and layout flexibility, enabling manufacturers to easily expand their production capacity or increase the level of automation from entry level, hand fed machines to fully automated solutions.


The Pack 301 LS system will be displayed for the first time at IBA in Munich, Germany, from September 12 to 17 in hall B1, booth 567.



Marcel Volk
Sales Director
phone: +31 10 4885 747


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