High-performance biscuit packaging system excels in field test


Almost a year after the premiere at Interpack 2014, the Two-in-One biscuit packaging system by Bosch Packaging Technology, completed a successful field test with a major biscuit manufacturer. By using the same feeding components, fully reproducible changeovers between both pile and slug packs can be completed in less than three minutes without changing parts. Stacks of up to five biscuits or a maximum height of 50 mm (1.97’’) are also feasible. Moreover, count changes, for example, from 14 to 8 biscuits per slug can be realized under one minute.


The Two-in-One biscuit packaging system was developed to offer unprecedented pack style flexibility, efficiency and speed. Its horizontal flow wrapping- and secondary packaging equipment are designed for gentle handling, wrapping and case packing of the most delicate biscuit products in all shapes and sizes.


With the successful conclusion of the test, the pioneering Bosch technology has now been successfully translated into an industrial environment. For the manufacturer, the system has boosted productivity and flexibility, allowing for various packaging formats, like special promotions but also small on-the-go packages and large family packs to be produced with the same equipment at minimal changeover time.

Bosch iBIS
As part of Bosch’s Seamless Systems portfolio, the speeds of all line components are well matched, eliminating bottlenecks, minimizing downtime and optimizing production flow. Moreover, the entire biscuit system occupies a smaller footprint than two separate conventional machines for both formats. This allows manufacturers to save on production costs through reduced maintenance and man-hours.


The customer’s feedback after the field test sums it up: “Having been with the business for 36 years and worked with equipment before, I’ve never seen a machine that is able to do what this machine can do with such panache.”


To learn more about the Two-in-One biscuit packaging system and to see it in action please visit us at PACK EXPO in Las Vegas, USA, September 18 to 20, 2015 in the Central Hall, booth C2800.


Daniel Bossel
Product Manager
phone: +41 58 674 73 11

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