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Zander Brown

In 2014, Zander Brown was diagnosed with diabetes. After the initial period of shock, the family from Oxford, in the U.S. state of Michigan, is again living an almost normal life. They have a very special nine-year-old to thank for this – as well as a bit of help from Bosch Packaging Technology, which ensures that the insulin he depends on is packaged securely, without any impurities.


Zander has type I diabetes – a potentially life-threatening disease. In the United States, some three million people are affected, half of them children. In people with this metabolic disorder, the pancreas no longer produces enough insulin, which can sometimes have serious consequences. This hormone is necessary for the body’s cells to absorb energy in the form of sugar, and thus keep glucose levels stable. In the absence of insulin, too much sugar collects in the blood, and this eventually causes major damage to the blood vessels, nerves, and kidneys. Too low a blood-sugar level is dangerous as well, however: patients may lose consciousness and fall into a coma in a matter of only a few hours. Type I diabetes has nothing to do with poor nutrition or other lifestyle habits, science tells us today. It is usually caused by an autoimmune disorder – and there is still no cure for it.


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