Turnkey packaging in the pharmaceutical cleanroom


Aside from new product and market requirements, the entire packaging process is centered on cost-effectiveness. Fast reactions to changing product characteristics, the safe processing of new packaging materials, the launch of additional carton presentations and an increase in production will all determine the success in the marketplace. With this in mind, a German pharmaceutical supplier has recently turned to Bosch for a new stick pack packaging solution.


Primary and secondary packaging from one source

The requirements for a stick pack line are quite complex. Precise dosage, high and reliable tightness of the primary package, fast interface handling and reliable secondary packaging at high speeds all contribute to the success of the line. In this case, the process task consisted of packaging pharmaceutical powders in stick packs, followed by cartoning and including options such as coding, leaflet insertion and weighing. Alongside secure pouch tightness and precise powder dosing, high flexibility of the secondary packaging process was also required. With quantities of up to 50 stick packs per carton, the option of having a total of seven carton formats to be loaded was prerequisite.




After assessing the performance and quality parameters, a Bosch ten-lane Sigpack RA stick pack machine and a CUT 120 horizontal cartoner were identified as the best solution for the pharmaceutical company. Easy accessibility and a compact layout to integrate the line into the existing cleanroom arrangements were additional demands which could be fulfilled.


High speed auger filling module

To meet the requirements for high speed and accuracy, the ten-lane Sigpack RA stick pack machine is fitted with a swiveling and therefore highly accessible auger filling module. At up 100 cycles per minute, the stick packs are filled with dosages between one and three grams of the product. Individual AC servo-controlled filling augers guarantee high weight accuracy. A check-weighing system, based on single-pouch weighing and tendency control, checks the weight of each manufactured stick pack. Dosing is adjusted to product-specific density variations, ensuring a constantly high dosing accuracy. Following the check-weighing procedure, the system continues with counting, grouping and secondary packaging of the stick packs.


Innovative and reliable solutions for secondary packaging

The intermittent CUT 120 horizontal cartoner is an example of how Bosch manages to balance reliable production, format flexibility and easy access in its machines. Slanted guards, partitioning and concealed cabling contribute to a GMP-compliant design. The clearly arranged construction and a circular protective guard, which is completely retractable underneath the machine, ensure quick access at all process stages. The large format range allows for highly diverse applications and, due to the low number of set points, the operator can perform fast and reproducible format changes. Using stored format data, the system quickly guides the operator through the changeover process. The machine also has a modular design and may be retrofitted to suit changed conditions.


Another cost-effective solution for secondary packaging of stick packs is offered by the Sigpack HCM. With an output level of up to 175 packages the horizontal flow wrapper tightly packages 1,000 grouped pouches per minute.


High Quality Service

Customer-oriented and product-specific packaging solutions, competent project management and a vertical production start-up following commissioning of the packaging system are key factors in successful projects. With individual training, technical audits and service products, Bosch Packaging Technology ensures safe operation over the entire life cycle of the packaging line.


At this year’s Achema in Frankfurt, Germany, taking place from June 18 ‒ 22, Bosch Packaging Systems will show a system consisting of a ten-lane vertical stick pack machine Sigpack RA and a horizontal flow wrapper Sigpack HCM.



Frank Buehler

Product Manager

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