A sensitive matter: precise filling of free flowing coffee products


Coffee is one of the world’s most valuable commodities. Therefore, it is not surprising that coffee manufacturers’ requirements regarding gentle and precise filling are high to ensure best quality and cost-effective production. A demanding product like coffee requires a precisely adjusted filling process. Especially, manufacturers of sensitive coffee applications, such as instant coffee or single-serve cup-fillings are challenged to protect the fragile particles from damage.


Accurately dosed                                                    

The challenge of a precise filling of coffee is to define the right amount of coffee fed to the auger. During the dosing process, it is important to apply the ideal pressure in order to avoid friction. Yet, best speed and accuracy results need to be ensured.




To maintain product quality, key design elements of the auger as well as geometrically adjusted agitators blades are essential. Including a washer or pressing disc between the outlet and the filling funnel further increases product quality. Additionally, the number and position of filling sensors contribute to a reduced breakage rate. Optimized signal controls of the auger filler ensure high productivity and gentle product handling.




Convincing solutions

One example of a filling system specially designed to handle the unique demands of filling-sensitive and free-flowing coffee products is the FVS auger filler from Bosch Packaging Technology. This filler is compatible with a variety of different vertical packaging equipment and can also be integrated in Bosch’s thermoforming machines, which precisely fill small amounts of ground-coffee into single-serve cups. The system enables the addition of product protection systems, such as the inert gas sanitizer, directly into the filling process.


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