Future secondary packaging with the new Elematic 3001

Elematic 3001

Ergonomics and safety are key
Thanks to a new ergonomic design with a lowered carton magazine, manufacturers benefit from easier and safer machine operation. In addition, the glue refilling process has been optimized with an external hot glue tube, helping protect operators from burns. Both features contribute to increased workplace safety and fulfill increasingly stringent regulations worldwide. …More

Successful modernization of processed cheese line


Until recently the food producer Mondelēz International (formerly Kraft Foods Europe), produced multi-taste packages of processed cheese in different flavours at its plant in Namur, Belgium. When switching to the production of multi-packs with a single flavour, the company found that it was losing in line efficiency. The reason: the multiple pipes, left from the previous usage, required extensive cleaning. …More

The precautionary approach to production

Preventive Maintenance

Even the most high-quality machine requires continuous maintenance. This is why many large manufacturers from the pharmaceutical and food production industry rely on preventive maintenance activities for their production lines. Higher automation, rising cost pressure, increasing regulations and product safety requirements call for reliable production lines and optimal machine availability. An unforeseeable fault of a single machine part can quickly affect the entire production process and lead to significant losses within only a few hours. …More

Choosing the suitable feeding system for challenging foods


New food products are entering the market at a rapid pace. Different products require different packaging formats to stand out at the point of sale. As a result, food manufacturers require packaging solutions that are flexible in order to make quick product changeovers as needed. One key area to achieving high performance is in product feeding, where inline feeders need to work seamlessly with horizontal flow wrapping equipment for maximum efficiency. …More

Pioneering trends are leading the future of secondary packaging

secondary packaging

In the past, the main purpose of secondary packaging was to shield the products within from knocks and prevent wasteful loss during transit from the manufacturer to the retailer. However, in the last few years, secondary packaging has been increasingly used by both brands and retailers to attract consumers at the point of sale. Our Bosch experts discuss the latest trends in secondary packaging and provide advice for manufacturers to help wrap up their hunt for the right retail-ready packaging solution. …More

Three factors for truly hygienic vertical packaging equipment


An important but often overlooked component of food safety is product packaging. With intensifying regional and international food safety guidelines, it is important to select packaging technology that will safeguard products and the consumers who enjoy them, while simultaneously maintaining high production efficiency. Your team of hygienic packaging experts from Bosch shows how packaging equipment can help to achieve safety standards and avoid downtime. …More

New FHM 1000 series for flexible filling of liquid pharmaceuticals

FHM 1000

The new FHM 1000 series offers semi-automated, modular laboratory devices for liquid pharmaceutical filling operations. The first prototype of the series was presented at the “Crailsheimer Pharmatag” in May 2013. The new development is particularly suited for pharmacists and for the application in laboratories and early clinical trials. Its filling parameters can be easily scaled-up to production systems. …More

Highly purified water plant with distributor system for the Red Cross

Red Cross

Fulfilling several specific customer wishes in one single plant is the true test for a plant manufacturer. The Central Fractionation Unit of the Belgian Red Cross (C.A.F.-D.C.F.) presented Pharmatec, a Bosch Packaging Technology company, with such a challenge. C.A.F.-D.C.F. acts as a contract manufacturer and supplies the domestic market with plasma proteins. In Brussels, 200 employees produce coagulation factors, immunoglobulins, and albumin solutions. In some production steps, highly purified water (HPW) is used instead of water for injection (WFI), because it is more economical to produce. …More

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