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Be one step ahead – Our upgrade to your 1756-L61 processor

The processor 1756-L61 is obsolete and no longer available. Machines for horizontal and secondary packaging are affected. With our upgrade, you ensure the production capability of your machines. You will receive a comprehensive package consisting of a software and hardware upgrade as well as an updated wiring diagram and documentation. …more

Service in times of bits and bytes

Whoever talks to the service experts at Bosch Packaging Technology today communicates digitally and globally. The shift from analog to bits and bytes has not only changed communication between service employees and customers. In the course of digitization, the company has modernized and expanded its entire service portfolio – and has reinvented itself to a certain extent. Timo Reu, Senior Sales Manager at Bosch Packaging Services, explains what this means for the service portfolio, customers and employees. …more

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