Interview with Bosch expert Udo Comanns: Containment projects in capsule filling on the rise

The number of potent pharmaceutical compounds requiring solid dosages for clinical tests and commercial production is growing at a rapid pace. This process calls for contained environments to protect machine operators and products from cross-contamination. A containment system prevents biological agents from escaping either into the working surroundings or the external environment. …more

Developing an advanced ophthalmic filling solution

ophthalmic filling solution

Out of its facility in Minneapolis, Bosch Packaging Technology builds turnkey solutions for all kinds of filling needs. Over the years, we built a reputation for high-quality and high-utilization filling equipment, which did not go unheard by manufacturers from the eye care industry. With the FLO and FRO filling machines, Bosch has designed two types of filling systems that transfer the company’s pharmaceutical experience to highly accurate ophthalmic filling equipment. The stainless steel components used in both machines, ensure both longevity and sterility. The pharmaceutical design meets all GMP requirements. …more

Containment solution for veterinary medicine at Vétoquinol


During the expansion of its production plant in Lure, France, the French producer of veterinary medicines Vétoquinol decided to modernize its production equipment. The company needed an all-in-one solution for granulating and drying powder under highest containment requirements. The absolute separation of active ingredients and employees in the cleanroom was of upmost importance in this process. …more

New FHM 1000 series for flexible filling of liquid pharmaceuticals

FHM 1000

The new FHM 1000 series offers semi-automated, modular laboratory devices for liquid pharmaceutical filling operations. The first prototype of the series was presented at the “Crailsheimer Pharmatag” in May 2013. The new development is particularly suited for pharmacists and for the application in laboratories and early clinical trials. Its filling parameters can be easily scaled-up to production systems. …more

Highly purified water plant with distributor system for the Red Cross

Red Cross

Fulfilling several specific customer wishes in one single plant is the true test for a plant manufacturer. The Central Fractionation Unit of the Belgian Red Cross (C.A.F.-D.C.F.) presented Pharmatec, a Bosch Packaging Technology company, with such a challenge. C.A.F.-D.C.F. acts as a contract manufacturer and supplies the domestic market with plasma proteins. In Brussels, 200 employees produce coagulation factors, immunoglobulins, and albumin solutions. In some production steps, highly purified water (HPW) is used instead of water for injection (WFI), because it is more economical to produce. …more

Pharmaceutical manufacturer keeps medication under wraps

flow wrap

During the past few years, pharmaceutical manufacturers have been challenged to maintain the highest levels of product protection. The need to keep inhalanda fresh to maximize their benefit for consumers and enhance traceability and control over the drug supply chain has pushed manufacturers to flow wrap individual doses of their products before packaging them into cartons. …more

Prepared for ready-to-fill containers – Bosch expands line for Nuova Ompi

Nuova Ompi

Nuova Ompi is based in Northern Italy and specializes in glass primary packaging for injectable pharmaceuticals. Due to a growing demand for sterile, ready-to-use glass containers in the pharmaceutical industry, the company decided to increase its production. For the introduction of its EZ-fill™ product line (sterile and ready-to-fill glass containers) for vials and cartridges, Nuova Ompi acquired parts of a Bosch line consisting of an RRN 3063 washing machine and an HQL 3680 tunnel with advanced smooth handling technology. …more

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