Exchange Units extend your machine’s life

For a variety of different machinery, we offer you Exchange Units: Completely pre-built and ready-to-use assemblies that will replace worn-out units and keep your machine running for longer.

Your convenience is our priority: With our pre-assembled Exchange Units, your production can be re-started faster and your downtimes shortened. We take care of all maintenance work necessary to ensure the best-possible performance of your Bosch equipment.

For all USA-based machines, we offer different levels of remastering. From simple reconditioning where we only replace what needs attention, to a complete remanufacture of your component which comes with a new one year warranty.




Example: SVB 3601 cross jaw before and after rebuild


We offer this service for many of our common machine types in several Bosch Packaging locations. Below you will see what types of units can be remastered.



Maintaining your machine and therefore extending its life will save you time and money in the long-term. Read more about our additional Preventive Maintenance services, like our Technical Audits.

Our Exchange Unit service stands out through multiple benefits from which you can profit.  The program can be customized to meet your individual needs as well as the needs of your machine.

We look forward to applying our services to your personal inquiry.


Please find the contact of your region below:

Contact US
Steve Anderson
Tel. +1 715 243 2374

Contact EU
Marijke van de Loecht
+41 58 674 7100

UK inquiries 
Chris Ross
+44 7968 738 596

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