Learning from the Pharmatec pros in Dresden

Huge stainless-steel containers, numerous pipes and tubes, large water tanks and machines right up to the roof. During the “Lange Nacht der Industrie” (LNdI, in English “long night of industry”) on June 28, visitors to the Bosch subsidiary Pharmatec in Dresden learnt what this is all about.

The LNdI is a unique, Germany-wide event concept, where companies offer potential employees, students and other interested parties a peak behind the scenes of their factories. The goal is to bring industrial companies and the people from the region together. Visitors receive exceptional insights into the work processes of potential employers and have the opportunity to ask questions during guided tours.


Pharmatec in Dresden. Image: Bosch


Pharmatec participated in the LNdI for the sixth time in a row, and yet again 80 visitors were astonished about the technology that is required, for instance, to produce vaccines. After a brief welcoming speech and company presentation by site manager Ralf Kretzschmar, the participants received first-hand information about pharmaceutical engineering at three different stations:

  • Welding/endoscopy
  • From drinking water to pharmaceutical water
  • Assembly process of a machine



Daniel Szehr, Quality Assurance Pharmatec, explains the orbital welding process for high-quality pipe welding seams. Image: Bosch


Open questions were clarified during the get-together with snacks. The visitors were enthusiastic about the technical expertise of the Pharmatec associates and thanked their motivated hosts for fascinating insights into operating processes and products. Ralf Kretzschmar was equally enthusiastic about the participants‘ keen interest: “We received concrete inquiries about training opportunities at our facility. Many visitors are surprised how versatile the requirements are for jobs in the pharmaceutical industry, and how many specialization opportunities the industry offers.”


Ralf Kretschzmar
Site Manager Pharmatec Dresden
+49 351 28278-848

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