Formulation development of solid pharmaceuticals


For many decades, Bosch Pharma Service’s customers have benefited from our know-how in the production of solid pharmaceuticals – not only for the design and construction of machines and facilities and the production of solid pharmaceuticals, but also for the products manufactured using these machines and facilities. In addition to formulation development, Bosch Pharma Service also covers all other fields of product development, such as analytical development, packaging-material development, stabilities and the preparation of dossiers.


Bosch Pharma Service develops all solid pharmaceuticals, ranging from capsules, tablets and sachets to dry suspensions and compressed pellets. The team’s expertise in process optimization, scale-up and technology transfer, together with the use of the scale-up software NextStep, ensures the scalability of the newly developed product. In addition, the process times can be estimated, which means that the cost-efficiency can be checked early on.




Quality by Design elements can also be incorporated into the development on request. Bosch Pharma Service works in close cooperation with all leading scientific institutes and additives manufacturers, ensuring highest-level development at all times.


The ability to develop the product for both continuous and proven batch production is unique and absolutely future-proof – it allows the subsequent change to continuous production without having to alter the manufacturing technology.




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Dr Marcus Knöll
Head of Pharma Service Solid
+49 7622 6884 121

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