Every year again … Christmas biscuits of your choice

About 60 percent of Germans for example would like Christmas biscuits to be only available in shops from November. That is why slightly fewer than one in four people buy their first biscuits or cinnamon stars before the start of advent. When they let themselves be persuaded into making a purchase, Germans favor gingerbread biscuits, followed by spiced biscuits and Domino Dice – chocolate biscuits layered with gingerbread and marzipan.


Christmas trade is traditionally the most important one of the year for biscuit manufacturers, with the greatest turnover. Manufacturers are presented with particular challenges at this time: production facilities must run faultlessly at full speed and the pack styles and sizes must be tailored to the subject of Christmas. Those who want to hold their own against the competition at Christmas have to score, above all, when it comes to packaging diversity.



Packaging as a showcase and sales driver

Apart from attractive, informative and/or sustainable packaging the well-disposed customer also wants different pack sizes. This may be single wrapped Domino Dice at the point of sale or spiced biscuits in a handy pack of five. In addition, there are “limited editions”, special promotions, such as video competitions and – very recently – the opportunity to order products with personalized packing.


Maximum packaging flexibility

The market therefore demands packaging machines that can master different formats, and in doing so work quickly and efficiently. Short changeover times, packaging variability and high overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) are the core values. “We responded to exactly these matters in the case of the Two-in-One biscuit packaging system. It has been used successfully by various customers”, said Daniel Bossel, Product Manager at Bosch Packaging Technology in Beringen, Switzerland. Single, pile and slug packs can be manufactured with even greater flexibility on one or even two lanes that can be equipped and cleaned independently of each other.


For facts and figures of the Two-in-One biscuit packaging system please click on the image:

A modular packaging system for Industry 4.0

Bosch has also invested in Industry 4.0. With the optional Line Dashboard, the user will be able to retrieve and check the machine status, system parameters and KPIs in real time, at any time and irrespective of the platform. This means that not only changes in operators but also troubleshooting and continuous optimization will become part of a convenient routine in the pre-Christmas period.


With its high product and packs style flexibility as well as with a number of connectivity options, Bosch is providing biscuit manufacturers with an efficient and, above all, very variable system so that they will be one step ahead in their aim to gain the customer’s favor regarding packaging  – and be ready for new varieties of biscuits.


Merry Christmas!


Daniel Bossel
+41 5867 47311

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