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Bosch is supporting its customer in China to launch dietary supplements. Read more about this customer project.


The consumption of dietary supplements has been on the increase globally for some years, with China being the largest consumer market after the U.S.[1] By July 2015, the Chinese Food and Drug Administration (CFBA) had approved over 15,000 health foods, 35 percent of which are dietary supplements. Based on current predictions, the market will be worth a total of 14 trillion euros by 2050. With 1.4 billion potential customers, this is a very attractive market.[2]


In a health conscious society, like China, a well cared for exterior is supported by general wellbeing and beauty from within. Today, many companies clearly recognize the potential of this attractive market segment. Therefore, the new dietary supplements were a logical expansion to the product range of the Bosch customer in China.


Trust as a Basis for Success

The new dietary supplements, which are being sold exclusively in China, open up an entirely new market segment. The Bosch client is selling four varieties of the stick packs to boost the immune system, for digestive health, to provide a restful sleep and to control weight. Each product is sold as a one-month pack containing 30 daily doses. Production of the stick packs necessitated the setup of a new production line at the customer’s factory in China.


The vertical stick pack machine Sigpack RAS-10 with check weighing system was chosen for the project. This multi-lane high-speed stick pack packaging machine was specially developed for packing sensitive powders or granules. In addition to technical expertise, the decision was also influenced by a degree of trust in the Bosch project management team and by the nearby Bosch Packaging Technology subsidiary in China. The specifications required an efficient and reliable high-speed solution to be installed within the confines of the limited available space. Further essential technical criteria included precise dosing and accurate sealing.


The Sigpack RAS-10 perfectly matched the specifications for production speed and reliability. The machine was constructed, tested and shipped to China within seven months of the contract being signed, and has been in use at the plant since last year.


A Challenging Project with a Clever Solution

Between starting up the Sigpack RAS-10 at the plant in China and the market launch of the new product some months later, enough stick packs had to be produced to stock the warehouse. Just providing initial stock required several million stick packs to be produced in relatively short time.


Therefore, the machine has been working around the clock six days a week, producing 1,000 two gram sticks, 900 three gram sticks and 500 five gram sticks a minute, in turns. Every minute, each of the system’s ten lanes can produce 100 two gram stick packs, for example. With its high dosing accuracy, the system – which covers an area of three by four meters – maximizes the output of up to 1,000 sticks per minute. The machine’s substantial contribution made it possible for the customer to keep to the tight timescale between startup and market launch.


The tight timeline was not the only challenge – production of the different varieties also required a flexible packaging solution. As different types of powder are packed on the same machine, the components of the Sigpack RAS-10 machine have been designed to be very easy to swap out and clean. The machine switches between the four formats roughly every five days, so the company ordered two sets of augers and valves at the outset to minimize downtimes and comply with the production schedule.


High-quality production from start to finish was crucial for this highly prestigious project. The patented pulsating auger filling system by Bosch guarantees the best possible dosing and weighing accuracy, as well as uniform mixing and distribution of the contents and active ingredients in each pack. A range of different stick pack sizes can be filled, from 28 to 45 millimeters in width and from 60 to 180 millimeters in length. The stick packs have to look appealing, while being both robust and easy to open. The quality of finish of the foil material led to the use of a stamping method, which could provide a high-quality print and a premium appearance for the stick packs. The sealing technology also ensures hermetic sealing at low sealing temperatures.


More information can be found in this video.





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