Extended Technical Training for service technicians

More than a win-win situation

“(Too) many cooks…make the best soup” is how the well-known proverb should read in this specific case. In the new Extended Technical Training (ETT), Bosch service experts successfully cooperate with several Bosch sites and customers to identify improvement possibilities at customer’s machine park and to train service technicians in actual production conditions – both internally and at the customer’s premises.


All six Bosch participants from three continents, together with trainers and associates of Maestrani company. Picture: Bosch

Whenever Bosch Packaging Technology in Beringen, Switzerland wanted to qualify its service technicians beyond the basic training, there were only two possibilities: during new machine projects at a Bosch site or during service assignments.


ETT seminars complement basic training

Tobias Müller, project manager and training coordinator in Beringen, had a new model in mind. “Our goal is to offer regular training, to separate them from the new machines business, and to standardize their content. We want to train several technicians at the same time so that they can network and exchange knowledge – not only in theory, but directly at our customer’s machines.” The new concept builds on the basic Service Engineer Pro seminars and offers the technicians a machine-specific training to prepare them for future customer assignments. The first phase of the two-week ETT takes place at a Bosch site, the second phase at a customer’s production facility.


The participants of the seminar are preparing the customer presentation of their suggestions for optimization at Maestrani. Picture: Bosch

The Beringen site and Ampack in Königsbrunn, Germany, were partners of the first two trainings in October 2016. “I was convinced by the fact that the training can be tailor-made for every single site,” Martin Schrag, head of the training department in Beringen, says. “The basic concept is independent of the site. Together with our service colleagues, we adjusted the content specifically to our machines and the participants needs.”


Learning under real production conditions

The final phase of the Extended Technical Training in Beringen took place at the site of a long-term customer, the Swiss chocolate manufacturer Maestrani. On-site, the six participants from three continents witnessed a format change as well as the cleaning and handling of the machines of a packaging line. Afterwards, they examined the machine for wear and tear, as well as optimization potential, and presented the results to the customer. “When the Bosch technicians are learning at our machines during real production, we receive valuable information about improvement possibilities for our machine park,” says Carsten Engelhardt, production manager at Maestrani, who is delighted with the concept. “The training is a good starting point for intensifying our cooperation in the future.”


Field Service technician Paulo Afonso (in the middle) is explaining a detail of the packaging machine at Maestrani. Picture: Bosch

All parties involved agree that the ETT seminars should continue. “Our customer, the Bosch site, the participants and ourselves – we all benefit from this fourfold win situation,” Müller summarizes. ”It would be a great advantage to offer the Extended Technical Trainings at all our sites. This way we would not only get closer to our own facilities, but also to our customers.”

Tobias Müller
Project Manager & Training Coordinator

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