Millennials misunderstood

As demographics go, millennials were born between 1980 and 2000. This generation is a new and interesting customer group. To win over this influential customer base it is important to understand how they ‘tick’.

With an ever-expanding universe of options at their fingertips, millennials tend to see limitless possibilities to make a life of their own in order to create a perfect work-life balance. As a result of their constantly moving and evolving lifestyles, they are also dubbed as the ‘on-the-go-generation’. In fact, a pressing need for a more convenient way of living is increasingly shaping their daily routines. Rather than planning ahead, millennials appreciate the instant choice, variety and availability that enables them to cater for every mood, taste and craving. Almost every forth millennial replaces meals with more than four snacks a day.


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Success with the right dose of expertise

The principle is simple – in order to capitalize on the market potential, manufacturers should reconsider their products’ packaging format. By simply changing format, e.g. to single-serve pouches, this interesting customer group may add your product to their shopping list.

Single-serve pouches also provide substantial benefits in terms of production: In fact, the production of sachets and stick packs tend to be considerably more cost effective compared to larger packs ‒ without having to worry about complicated designs for container shapes or closures.

Manufacturers should take the following points into account when planning for a sachet or stick pack system:

  • Speed is crucial – gain the competitive edge by investing in an integrated, high-speed system that will boost your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and maximize your output, whatever your layout is.
  • Don’t compromise on product quality – It is vital that the packs not only look appealing, they also have to protect the integrity of the product. Advanced sealing technologies and hygiene configurations will help you win over this highly selective customer segment.
  • A matter of accuracy – Especially in the pharmaceutical industry, high filling accuracy protects your customers and prevents from product waste.
  • Work with the best – Our experts will be glad to consult and to support you in finding the best solution for your production.


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