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Bosch Packaging Technology, in-house show Weert

Bosch Packaging Technology has opened its system competence center in Weert, the Netherlands, to help food and non-food producers of all sizes in selecting their ideal complete packaging equipment configuration. During the launch event, on 6 – 10 June, Bosch opened the doors of its newly renovated showroom to over 130 international visitors from 18 countries. With seven system solutions on display, Bosch experts demonstrated their capabilities in the biscuit, confectionery, chocolate, nuts, snacks and powder industry.


Confectionery and nuts

  • Looking for unlimited flexibility and future-proof production? Check out Bosch’s system that handles nine bag styles; from pillow to the renowned Doy Zip, all are possible on a single solution in various case styles with both lay-flat and stand-up orientation – at up to 30 cases per minute.
  • If speed is your target, the efficient system solution producing up to 400 pillow bags per minute – accurately positioned in up to 150 cases by the vision-guided Paloma robot – is for you.



  • Infant nutrition requires high hygiene, which is now possible with the hygienic packaging solution featuring stainless-steel surfaces, no hollow bodies, an open-frame and easy-to-clean design.
  • Whether you are packing baking, milk, soya, maizena, flour or non-food powders, Bosch’s bag-in-box system solution will help you take the first step into automation, or test new markets.



  • Potato chips producers can now benefit from the legendary reliability of Woodman’s technology and Bosch’s global knowledge network – ask for the cost-effective reliable system solution with integrated product stripping, settling and poking for enhanced seal integrity at high speeds.
  • Protect your products and brand with the bag-in-box system solution designed for the gentle handling of crackers and cookies, while offering high speeds of up to 150 cartons per minute.


Bosch Packaging Technology, in-house show Weert

Visitors on the shop floor at the in-house show in Weert


“The opening of the system competence center at our Weert site marks a new era in customer relations for Bosch,” says Leon van de Wiel, vice president at Robert Bosch Packaging Technology B.V. “Well known for our customized vertical packaging equipment, which is capable of handling the most challenging applications, we are now applying decades of experience and expertise to develop standardized, essentially “off-the-shelf” system solutions – designed for value. We are linking Bosch’s proven standard modules together to form complete solutions for specific industries, such as confectionery, bakery, snacks and powders, which are able to fulfil various requirements from high-hygiene to entry-level automation. The ultimate benefit of having a single point of contact for the entire system selection process makes this approach ideal for producers of all sizes.”


Seeing is believing, book your visit to the system competence center today.



  • See the video “65 years Bosch Weert”


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