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Bosch diefold for chocolate

With high consumer demand for chocolate and hundreds of different sizes, shapes and packaging colors strewn across today’s confectionery counters, making a product stand out from the crowd or being recognized is one of the biggest challenges that manufacturers face.That’s why a chocolate’s packaging is so important. With purchasing decisions made within the first five seconds of the customers’ eyes hitting the wrapper, the right packaging can make or break a product.


Chocolate manufacturers can give their products the competitive edge with die-fold packaging. With its premium look and high-quality finish, it enhances a product`s overall appearance and makes it stand out on the shelf.


While consumers often satisfy their chocolate urge with an impulse purchase, manufacturers don’t have it so easy. Finding the perfect packaging partner must be a well thought-out decision.


Working with a trusted supplier that understands the chocolate market as well as the unique needs of each brand can make this task a lot easier. The right partner will consult manufacturers throughout the purchasing process and help determine the ideal packaging solution to reach business goals.


For example, by incorporating die-fold packaging, manufacturers can add a touch of elegance to their product, complementing its premium taste by ensuring all tucks and folds on the underside of the chocolate.


Bosch Packaging Technology also offers packaging machines, which use ultrasonic sealing technology to provide tight seals for a high degree of product protection, a vital factor for long term storage.

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