HFFS Column Part 5: A bar packaging line designed with the operator in mind

When Aristotle said the „whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, he’d never have guessed this would apply to sophisticated packaging lines for bars. Bar packaging comprises one of the fastest and most efficient processes in the packaging world. However, this process can be even further expedited by incorporating a seamless design philosophy across the line as opposed to using a line composed of individual components.


Machinery from different suppliers may require different control panels. This is not only time consuming, it may easily lead to errors due to incorrect operation. The result is lengthy and costly breaks in production. What if the entire line can be operated as one, rather than a combination of separate entities? The Bosch bar packaging system comes with only one operating panel. Its automated technologies and standardized operating procedures allow operators to control all parts of the entities the same way. The easy operation and a high degree of automation lower the chance of potential operating errors and increase productivity.


Operator and human machine interface


The easy to operate system also enables staff to take on other tasks such as cleaning, maintenance and trouble shooting. Our bar packaging system is quick to clean and to maintain with easily accessible parts. The additional uptime has a significant impact on the overall equipment effectiveness.


Apart from cleaning and maintenance, product changeover can also be a bottleneck on bar packaging lines. Traditionally, format changes would stop production across the entire bar line for extended periods of time. The Bosch bar packaging system offers standardized tools, easy operating technology and accessibility to complete format changes quickly and with minimal interference in the production process.


With the latest generation of our seamless bar packaging systems, you will be able to maximize your overall equipment effectiveness. For more information, please don’t hesitate contact us. Our global sales and service network offers support also in your region.


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Product Manager
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