Tailor-made sterilization


Do you want to know which sterilization process works best for your newly developed product? Or do you want to optimize existing methods to manufacture more efficiently? For any questions associated with terminal sterilization, the Bosch affiliate Schoeller-Bleckmann Medizintechnik (SBM) can help you out. With tests carried out in its dedicated “process X-pert center”, SBM makes for processes that perfectly match your products. At its site in Ternitz in Austria, SBM provides state-of-the-art equipment covering the most common sterilization processes, including vacuum steam, steam/air mixture and hot water shower. You can benefit from the center’s broad service portfolio and testing options on-site: For example, experienced staff analyzes whether your latest products and packaging solutions are suitable for sterilization, and how existing recipes, cycle times and equipment can be optimized and adapted to meet the latest requirements.


Matching parameters for highest product safety
„We accurately document each test run, thus providing valuable clues on how to efficiently adapt process parameters. In doing so, we ensure sterile and intact containers, as well as the integrity of the pharmaceutical ingredients inside,” says Isa Alkan, Sales Director at SBM. The “process X-pert center” supports you in significantly reducing subsequent expenditures for qualification and validation as well as time-to-market. In case you want to expand your plant, comprehensive analyses will help you to find the perfect size based on the loading capacity. Moreover, outsourcing sterilization tests help you to save precious time and money, which you can in turn invest in the development of your products – to make sure your products and the patients are on the safe side.


If you want to test your products with our sterilizers, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Isa Alkan
Sales Director
phone: +43 2630 312214

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