Expanding the TTM Portfolio with the new Sigpack TTME


Whether in traditional or emerging markets – quickly changing requirements and the pressure to respond with ever more efficient, versatile and precise technologies have made automation in secondary packaging a must. This is why at Bosch Packaging Technology we have expanded our TTM toploading portfolio to deliver the level of quality and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) our customers have come to trust and expect for an even wider range of output requirements.


With the addition of our new Sigpack TTME topload cartoner we now offer a highly attractive option to handle volumes of up to 30 cartons per minute while providing the technological benefits that the TTM platform is known for.

Chocolate, biscuits and virtually all discrete products can be packaged into almost any conventional carton style, giving manufacturers the flexibility and reliability they need to adapt to an evolving landscape. The platform’s gentle forming process allows for the handling of solid and corrugated cardboard, including material with high-recycled content, further adding to the variety of options with regards to pack style and materials. A combination of quick-lock interfaces, lightweight parts and pre-set format rods ensures fully reproducible, easy and tool-less changeovers with vertical restart in less than five minutes.


We have designed the TTM platform to give you the best possible fit for your production environment. Whether as a standalone machine or in combination with a complete, Seamless System, the TTM portfolio offers a compact and integrated solution tailored to your needs. The cartoner can be positioned left-hand, right-hand, in a 90° angle or inline according to the factory layout and comes with various product infeed and loading options, offering you high flexibility for your product presentation at the point of sale.


Contact us to find out more about our TTM portfolio and the new Sigpack TTME.

Michael Haas
Product Manager
phone: +41 58 674 8594

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