A lot going on in the new “House of Kits”

Preventive Maintenance service

Just like a tightrope artist relies on a safety net, producing companies depend on a stock of suitable spare parts for their equipment. These parts make sure that the machines’ full performance capacity is maintained and that production runs smoothly without major interruptions. Yet how do you keep track of the large number of different wear parts? Spare parts kits from Bosch Packaging Services provide the perfect solution to have all required parts at hand in a compact, well-structured and timely manner. In order to provide even better support for customers, Bosch has bundled and expanded these services in the so-called “House of Kits”.


Partner in all life-cycle phases
During the different phases of its life-cycle, a machine requires various spare parts. Based on long-term experience, Bosch has compiled these parts into a number of spare parts kits. The “Assortment” kit, for instance, comprises the most important wear and tear parts of a specific machine and serves as replacement equipment in case of emergencies. “Preventive Maintenance” kits (PM kits) contain all parts that may require changing at defined intervals to prevent machine downtime. In addition, Bosch will also provide sets of suitable spare parts for machine overhauls and modernizations.


House of Kits


“The new House of Kits offers a global system and reliable processes, which provide customers worldwide with a consistent standard,” Martina Jahnke, head of business development at Bosch Packaging Services, says. “At the same time we maintain our flexibility to develop tailor-made kits for our customers according to individual requirements.” Bosch continuously expands its portfolio of kits by drawing on a wealth of experience from customer projects.


Further information on spare parts kits is also available via the E-Portal, the Bosch online platform for spare parts.


Martina Jahnke
Head of Business Development Bosch Packaging Services
phone: +41 (58) 674-7473


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