Inspection technology for all quality and safety requirements


By combining tradition and state-of-the-art developments, Bosch launched two new inspection platforms at Achema 2015: the AIM 3000 and the KHS, which attracted a large audience. “Thanks to the continuous expansion of our inspection portfolio and the cooperation with leading technology suppliers, we can meet all customer and product quality requirements,” says Joachim Baczewski, Global Responsible for Inspection Technology at Bosch Packaging Technology.


While the first model of the AIM series was developed in the 1970s, Bosch introduced its successful KLD series using high-voltage leak detection (HVLD) in 1985. The AIM 3000 is now able to perform both visual inspection and HVLD on one single platform. The ampoules and vials containing solutions and suspensions pass the pre-inspection station, before they arrive at the core module, where a high-resolution CMOS camera with high-speed interface performs both particle and cosmetic inspection at outputs of up to 400 containers per minute. The customizable platform can be equipped with either further visual inspection stations or the HVLD module. The latter detects leaks by measuring the electrical resistance of the containers.


100 percent high-quality CCI
In line with the growing demand for Container Closure Integrity (CCI) testing, the second novelty is a leak detection system using laser headspace analysis (HSA), which also attracted many visitors. The absorbed light passing through the headspace region of ampoules, vials, bottles, cartridges or syringes is measured via laser spectroscopy. To this end, Lighthouse Instruments, LLC supplies Bosch with best-in-class laser measurement systems for automated leak detection. Installed in the proven inspection technology machinery from Bosch, they inspect both standing and non-standing containers at outputs of up to 600 per minute. The new KHS is suited for lyophilized products or medicines filled under vacuum or purged with inert gas.



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