Bosch introduces new Remote Service Portal

Remote Service Portal

The portal provides a safe data connection between customer machines and Bosch experts to support customers fast and efficiently all over the world. The remote access is for instance suited for machine set-up, the preparation of field service visits, remote diagnostics, troubleshooting in case of machinery downtime, or software updates.


“Our technicians have already supported customers via remote service for several years. The new portal ensures even more efficient processes. The connections are managed, documented and organized centrally,” Sandro Gisler, Remote Service Portal owner at Bosch Packaging Services, explains.


Benefiting from expert knowledge
Via the remote data connection, the Bosch experts can access different machinery control components to receive an overall picture. The remote service allows adapting settings and parameters by accessing the HMI (Human Machine Interface) or machine controls. Customers receive concrete support and advice for machine optimization or troubleshooting. “This not only enables us to make remote diagnoses. We can also put our expertise into practice, for instance in case of unexpected downtime. This allows fast reaction times and saves travel expenses,” Gisler says. The remote service is also suited for documentation purposes, such as restoring settings and data after a modernization. “In future, customers will also benefit from the remote technology as far as predictive maintenance is concerned. By constantly monitoring the condition data of a machine, emergencies can be actively prevented.”


Focus on safety
The portal features a protected VPN connection and a certificate-based encryption. “Only authorized Bosch service staff has access to the connection – and only when customers activate it. This ensures that customers have the sovereignty over the connection and their machine data at all times,” Gisler explains. Equipment from third party suppliers can also be integrated into the portal to allow customers receive support for the entire line from the respective machinery supplier based on one single platform.


Katja Bartsch
Product Manager Bosch Packaging Services
phone: +41 (58) 674-6147

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