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Ebola, AIDS, malaria – the people of West Africa are repeatedly affected by particularly severe epidemics. The reasons, above all, are insufficient medical care as well as the limited local production of medicine. In order to overcome these drawbacks, the physician Dr Guy Dovi-Akué returned from Germany to his home town Lomé in Togo in the early 1990s. “Most doctors from Africa who work in Europe never go back. But I had the feeling of being needed in Togo”, he reports. His vision is to produce pharmaceuticals for the West African market that are in particularly high demand. These primarily include intravenous solutions, which Dr Dovi-Akué has been planning to manufacture with his company Do Pharma SA, which he founded in 2006.


Overcoming obstacles together
Despite significant obstacles in financing, Dr Dovi-Akué managed to procure the necessary production equipment. Bottling and sterilization are crucial processes to ensure a maximum degree of product quality for the intravenous solutions. The Bosch subsidiary Schoeller-Bleckmann Medizintechnik (SBM) specializes in the development of high-quality sterilizers. Dr Dovi-Akué had already been familiar with the company from various trade shows. In addition to its excellent reputation and the high machine quality, personal relationships were the deciding factor in his choice of manufacturer. “I have a lot of trust in the specialists at SBM,” Dr Dovi-Akué says.

Dr. Dovi-Akué

Dr Dovi-Akué (right) and his son rely on the specialists and the sterilizer from the Bosch subsidiary SBM


Since early 2012, the company has been advising Do Pharma how to achieve its ambitious goals while maintaining a high level of quality at an affordable price. In late 2013, SBM delivered a machine for the sterilization of the intravenous solutions using the hot-water shower process to Togo. After having overcome various difficulties in the procurement of materials during the assembly, Dr Dovi-Akué is optimistic about the future – the production of his intravenous solutions is scheduled to start this year.




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