HFFS Column Part 2: Sweet Rewards with Delta Robotics

HFFS Delta Roboter

In a five-column series, we will share how manufacturers can optimize their horizontal packaging lines. Our second article provides insight into how robotics can boost productivity for confectionery and bakery manufacturers.


Integrating robotics into packaging lines is an effective solution for minimizing direct costs while rising manufacturing output. The machines can operate 24/7, allowing manufacturers to increase production, which results in a cost-per-unit reduction. As new advances in Delta robot technology further decrease the total cost of ownership (TCO), manufacturers are increasingly automating the feeding of their flow wrappers, as well as the downstream cartoning or case packing of their flow wrapped products.


An application example for primary packaging is incorporating a Delta robot with vacuum cup end effectors for gently picking confectionery or bakery products and placing them into the infeed flight of a horizontal flow wrapper. Toolfree changeable end effectors facilitate quick product changeovers. Compared to traditional belt feeding solutions, robotics offer increased product integrity due to gentler product handling and a higher flexibility with product and pack patterns.


Once the sweets or baked goods have been wrapped, manufacturers can also easily integrate Delta robotics for speedy secondary packaging. This top loading technology provides flexible pack configurations through precise picking and placing of single units into cartons, cases or trays. Moreover, Bosch offers a full consultancy service for its more than 2,000 end effector designs, ensuring that the correct solution is incorporated into a line.


Bosch as a single source solution provider of robotics for primary and secondary packaging is able to equip manufacturers with common components for both production steps, including third-party equipment.


Marc de Vries
sales director
phone: +41 21 633-5200

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  1. Andrew Wade says:


    I work as external consultant for Bosch designing tablet coating machines in Liverpool. If you ever need any consultancy work regarding delta robots i would be very happy to give my advice.


    Andrew Wade

  2. Andrew Wade says:

    Interesting article, i design 3d printers in my spare time specifically 3D delta printers, although your robots are manipulated differently. Have considered using Igus rod ends on the joints for the end effector, they have FDA approved materials and they run dry? I am currently designing a chocolate printer.

    • Stefanie Krauß Stefanie Krauß says:

      Dear Mr .Wade,

      Thank you for your message, we are pleased that our article has generated interaction. In case of a defined project we might consider handling the elements you’ve mentioned.

      Best regards,
      Stefanie Krauß

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