Replacing or modernizing?

In many cases it is worth considering a modernization of existing machines – especially when they are no longer state-of-the-art, while still achieving a good overall performance. This was also true for Takeda Brasil, a pharmaceutical manufacturer located at Jaguariúna, who decided to upgrade its Premier Coater 500 of the Bosch product brand Manesty.

The tablet coater is able to handle up to 600 liters and is especially suited for processing tablets with aqueous and organic coating and sugar solutions. Amongst other products, Takeda uses the machine to produce a drug against nausea. After more than ten years in operation, the control system no longer met the latest technical standards. “We were always very satisfied with the performance of the coater. So we decided to give it a technical upgrade instead of replacing it,” says Luis Lopes, maintenance supervisor at Takeda Brasil. For this reason the company contacted its long-term supplier Bosch, which has a local service team in Brazil.


Turning used into new
The technicians from Bosch Packaging Services initially replaced the entire control technology of the coater with the new m-tec control system. Its intuitive operator interface enables Takeda to precisely control all critical coating process parameters, including air handling, application of the coating solution and cleaning operations.Takeda_OptiCoat_Spray_Guns_press Additionally, the Manesty Premier Coater 500 was equipped with new OptiCoat spray guns.

“The new spray guns require less maintenance, which results in a significant reduction of downtime for cleaning,” Luis Lopes explains. “This gives us valuable extra time for production.” Together with its team in Brazil, Bosch Packaging Services implemented the project within only four weeks and with minimum downtime. In a nutshell, the coater was as good as new again after the modernization.





Oscar Flint
Project Manager Bosch Packaging Services
phone: + (55)11 2117 6881

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