Swizzels Matlow falls for Bosch Delta robotics.

Delta Robot with Squashies

You always remember your first Love Heart and for many, these unforgettable sweets with embossed messages are an indelible part of childhood. Behind these and other top-selling treats is Swizzels Matlow, a UK success story with an 80-year legacy of confectionery delight and sales exceeding 90 million dollars. To meet growing demand for the popular “Squashies”, Swizzels’ latest confectionery range where its favorite brands are transformed into squashy gum formats, the confectioner needed to ramp up production.


To handle these products available in four pillow pack sizes ranging from 20 to 160 grams, Swizzels now uses its first ever packaging robot, a Paloma D2 Top Loader from Bosch Packaging Technology with three vision-guided high speed Delta robots. This solution ensures impeccably packaged products at a reduced cost per pack, which allows up to three streams of products to arrive from the vertical bagger and be packed directly into cases.




With the ability to package 360 bags per minute while allowing a 24/7 operation instead of the previous 2-shift operation, the solution from Bosch boosted output by 20 percent. Managing director at Swizzels, Jeremy Dee was impressed, “The new Bosch machine is fast and inspiring. It also assures output, which is important to us with this new fast-selling range.” Marc de Vries, sales director at Bosch Packaging Technology SA, agrees, “We are really happy to see such an impressive result for Swizzels with this project. It’s a great demonstration of how companies can leverage robotic automation to meet demand and generate competitive advantage.”


For the makers of perennial favorites Love Hearts, it seems the Bosch Delta robots are definitely the beginning of a strong and rewarding partnership.


Marc de Vries
Sales Director
phone: +41 (0)21 644 2582

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