Packaging that’s not “for the birds”

Wildlife Sciences

Wildlife Sciences, located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA manufactures a wide range of suet-based bird food under its Suet Plus® brand. An energy-rich food that insect-eating birds love, suet is the hard fat from beef or mutton. As one can easily imagine, handling and loading these fat-based products from trays into bird feeders can be a sticky situation.


Messy mix
To eliminate the need for consumers to have direct contact with the product, Wildlife Sciences selected a packaging format similar to a chocolate bar flow wrap. This packaging has a serrated edge that enables customers to simply tear open one end of the package and slide the cake out of the package and into the bird feeder.




Putting a feather in its sustainability cap
The new packaging also offers significant environmental benefits. It uses 80 percent less packaging by weight compared to the former tray solution and is composed of 100 percent recyclable materials. Since the packaging is generated from rollstock film, it requires significantly less space for transportation, reducing the overall carbon footprint.


Positioned for future growth
While simple in concept, handling the sticky, greasy products without a tray required customized processing technology. Another challenge was to find a horizontal flow wrapper that was robust enough to form a high-quality wrap while the machine is coated in fat from the suet cakes that contain gear jamming nuts and seeds. After consulting with equipment dealers for recommendations, Wildlife Sciences purchased a Bosch Doboy H-400 horizontal flow wrapper. It reliably packaged the products in a two-shift operation and downtime for cleaning was only needed once per week. Wildlife Sciences witnessed sales of Suet Plus® surge. To meet increasing demand, Wildlife Sciences purchased additional Bosch wrappers, the Doboy Mustang, Doboy Stratus, and most recently the new Pack 101 for the company’s production line.


Paul Garms
Product and Marketing Manager
phone: +1(715)243-2503

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  1. I liked your useful information about bird food packaging that great info to all. Keep up sharing such nice information with us.

  2. Iain says:

    That’s a great sustainability improvement! I hope the process from packaging machinery to the shelves in store is just as green.

    Packets of anything are easier to open if they have a serrated edge to pull upon!

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