Otmuchow triples output of jelly production

Otmuchov Jelly

For more than fifty years, Otmuchow SA has successfully provided top-quality sweets and savory snacks to leading Polish and international retailers and distributors. Its top priority is to increase capacity while maintaining product quality in accordance with the safety and health standards of the European Union. To upgrade its jelly processing and packaging line, the Polish customer partnered again with Bosch for a complete line for every step of the production process: from dissolving of ingredients through to the final packaging of the jelly products.


From gelatine to jelly products

Bosch’s Gelatine Dissolving Unit BLS 0300 CA ensures an uninterrupted delivery of gelatine to the production line. The basic jelly mass is mixed in the Gravomat, a computer-controlled weighing, dosing and mixing system that ensures formula consistency with up to 200 recipes storable for fast product changes. Once the ingredients for the basic jelly mass are mixed, they are loaded into the Rapidsolver BLK 2500 – an advanced version of Bosch’s pressure dissolver specifically designed for gummy and jelly products. Next, additives such as flavor, coloring, vitamins or fruit juices are added to the basic jelly mass by a BMG 0010 A, a gravimetric mixing and dosing machine, providing precise weighing and loss-free production.

BMG 10

Otmuchow has chosen the starch molding machine Mogul HLM 35 RS which prevents for example small bubbles in the jelly mass. The jelly form is pre-pressed into starch-filled trays filled by servo-driven printing presses before the mogul plant’s depositors mold the mass into forms. The trays are stacked and transported to the ripening room, and from there they are fed back into the mogul plant where the solidified jellies are removed, de-starched and cleaned.


For packaging, Otmuchow’s key requirement was a solution that could not only handle a wide range of product formats, but also ensure dosing accuracy. Bosch provided the SVE 2515 AR, a continuously operating vertical form, fill and seal machine, featuring fast changeovers and an adjustable weigher to accommodate different sizes.


Relying on Bosch as the single source solution provider, Otmuchow has increased output by more than 200 percent while maintaining the highest quality standards.



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