On product safari in Africa

Product Safari

A different kind of photo shoot: To get a better understanding of the east African market, its products, and its manufacturers, Bosch’s general manager for Kenya, Vandan Rughani, and Mathias Krug from Bosch Packaging Technology recently embarked on an expedition accompanied by local students. Over several days in October, the team visited marketplaces, supermarkets, and small retailers in Ethiopia and Uganda, and photographed the manufacturers’ addresses printed on local product labels. Their goal was to establish an up-to-date and reliable database containing the addresses of potential local customers. This “safari” was also a chance for PA to attract potential future associates by collaborating with students.

Details of more than 100 manufacturers collected

Quality counts. Bosch machines are held in high regard – especially in Africa. The students reported that store owners became even more communicative and eager to be involved once they learned the students were working with Bosch Packaging Technology. This helped the team collect details on more than a hundred products and their manufacturers for the database.

Product Safari Africa

A host of new companies in the food sector

Driving growth: Africa’s economic growth rate jumped around 5 percent in 2014, and is expected to rise by a further 5 to 6 percent in 2015. Political change is actually good news for growth in many places. Higher tariffs are being imposed on an increasing number of imported food products, and so many regional companies are investing in the food sector. This results in small companies springing up all over Africa that will need solutions for packaging the products they make and refine. A great opportunity for tailored packaging technology made by Bosch!

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