All-round protection for coffee

valve technology

Coffee is a popular beverage, often a luxury we can indulge in. A hot cup of delicious coffee can rejuvenate the body. Just reaching for a bag of coffee awakens our anticipation of the sumptuous aroma that fills the room as soon as we open the bag.


If you look a little closer at the coffee bag, you’ll see that it has a valve. Fitted with small openings either on the outside or inside of the bag, these valves not only prevent oxygen from getting in and ruining the coffee’s aroma, but also help guide roasting gases out. These gases are a natural consequence of the roasting process, and left unchecked they would eventually cause the bag to explode – or at least puff it up like a balloon. After all, one kilogram of roasted coffee beans emits up to six liters of carbon dioxide. For Julian Kätzlmeier, sales & business development manager valves at Bosch Packaging Technology, and his customers, it’s clear that “a product as sensitive as coffee has to be given every possible protection.” What’s more, the valves add to the attractiveness of bag designs.


In addition to valves, Bosch Packaging Technology has developed other systems that protect especially sensitive products such as coffee. Inert-gas flushing makes it possible for vacuum packaging to have a residual oxygen level of less than one percent, and for soft bags to be filled and then fitted with valves. This means that oxygen can’t harm the product from the outside or the inside and the aroma that everybody looks forward to can emerge intact when the bag is opened. That way, we can ensure everyone can start each and every day with the wonderful aroma of coffee.

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Julian Kätzlmeier
Sales & business development manager valves
phone: +49 152 086 916 90

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