Premium look and high product protection for your chocolate brands


With consumers paying close attention to product safety and quality, chocolate manufacturers are facing a strong demand for packaging solutions that ensure the highest degree of product protection against any kind of contamination. At the same time, packaging should match the products’ premium taste with a look of luxury.


To meet both of these growing market requirements, Bosch presents two end- and die-fold wrapping machines, BVK 1300 PT and DSD 0600 H, that offer hermetic sealing options for chocolate products. This type of packaging enables customers to increase their products’ safety as the chocolate is protected from contamination by dust or insects. In addition, the packaging maintains the product’s premium quality by preventing the chocolate from taking on any aromas or flavors from other products in its vicinity. By preserving the original taste and flavor, the technologies help manufacturers preserve brand loyalty. Both wrapping machines ensure high product integrity while at the same time offering the flexibility to use a variety of different packaging types that guarantee premium appearance.



Essentially, manufacturers acquire three machines in one when they choose the BVK 1300 PT as it supports three different wrapping styles: double-twist, hermetical double-twist and flowpack. All three packaging options give chocolate treats an elegant look and ensure premium appearance. This flexibility is enhanced by the fact that changeovers are quick and easy, resulting in less downtime and higher productivity. For hermetical double-twist and flowpack wrapping, the machine uses ultrasonic sealing technology which provides tight seals for a high degree of product protection reducing both costs and waste.


Bosch’s DSD 0600 H enables manufacturers to combine classicism and modernity. In addition to traditional box folding wrap with paper, it offers a hermetically sealed wrap using oriented polypropylene (OPP). Customers thus gain the flexibility to choose between two refined wrapping styles on the same machine, making their production process more efficient. Moreover, the product’s quality is preserved as it can be easily opened thanks to a tear-taped band applied on the OPP. With this modern wrapping style, consumers’ hands do not need to touch the product which is especially in markets with hot temperatures a major advantage.


Claudio Bisciotti
Project Management & Engineering Manager
phone: +41 (21) 633 53 60


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