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OEE Consulting Cadbury

The Coolock factory of Mondelēz Ireland depends on smooth processes and a continuous flow of production for its Cadbury Flake bars. “Performance was not consistent across all machines,” explains David Lindsay, production engineering manager at the site in Coolock, Ireland. “We worked on the Bosch packaging line ourselves but productivity was still not meeting our expectations. That’s when we decided to enter into a partnership with the Bosch team to address the issues.”


Three factors affect OEE
Availability, performance and quality are the most common reasons for performance loss. The Bosch customer service team from the UK hub conducted a close audit during actual production over 23 consecutive days. It revealed that the factor availability was responsible for most OEE losses on this line. A specialist project team consisting of experts from Mondelēz Ireland and Bosch began to systematically define and work through OEE improvement steps.


Bosch held three workshops over a period of ten months, which supported Mondelēz Ireland in understanding and solving the issues. The first workshop presented the results of the machine analysis. The second one was dedicated to evaluating the impact of the defined causes in a Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA). After determining and implementing the measures, a more intensive equipment performance analysis gave further insights, which were illustrated in the final workshop.


Treating the root causes
During this very successful OEE project, Mondelēz Ireland not only analyzed and prioritized machinery issues. With the support from Bosch and its own employees, the Cadbury Flake bar producer also improved the OEE of its machines by reducing downtimes and increasing performance standards. “Treating the root causes instead of only the symptoms, together with a reliable and professional partner, supported us in making the most of our plant and people in Coolock,” David Lindsay explains.


Martin Orgill
Head of Service Sales at Bosch Packaging Services
phone: +44 1332 626267



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