Revamped thermoforming machine for “Emser pastilles”


The German company Siemens & Co. packs its well-known “Emser pastilles” on a TLT 1400 thermoforming line from Bosch. When the thermoforming machine’s servo motor broke down, quick support was needed. “We don’t have a second thermoforming machine at our disposal and must be able to fully rely on this one machine,” explains Dr. Andreas Keller, operations manager at Siemens & Co. “Due to the rapid pace of technological development, electronic components unfortunately often have a short lifespan and are no longer available after only a few years,” Andreas Herrmann, service sales manager at Bosch Packaging Services, emphasizes.

Modification in only half the time

The experienced Bosch technicians managed to equip the TLT 1400 with a new motor, control and operation technology in only four weeks, including comprehensive documentation and validation. They managed to reduce the eight weeks originally estimated for modification by half. Moreover, they upgraded the machine with a more powerful computer with new software. To the customer’s satisfaction, the previously calculated costs were reduced by 30 percent.


As soon as smooth operation on the revamped thermoforming line was ensured, Siemens & Co. resumed packaging of the “Emser pastilles” in a very short time. “We would carry out another machine modification with Bosch Packaging Services at any time. The technicians are very familiar with the equipment. They planned the modification of our blister line in a competent manner and quickly put it into practice,” Dr. Andreas Keller confirms.


Read the whole story in the next issue of packazine, Bosch Packaging Technology’s customer magazine, which will be published in May 2014.


Andreas Herrmann
Service Sales Manager
Phone: +49 711 811 57068





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