Peristaltic pump technology from Bosch put to the test


Allergy Labs, situated in Oklahoma City, USA, manufactures over 500 different biological extracts for the diagnostic testing and therapeutic treatment of allergies, which require highly accurate and clean processes. Allergy Labs relies on an FLC 3080 filling and closing line operating with peristaltic pump technology from Bosch. The result: safer, cleaner and more flexible filling operations. “Filling accuracy is one of the technology’s main benefits,” explains Lee Beaver, director of manufacturing at Allergy Laboratories, Inc.


Fulfilling maximum expectations
Six years ago, Bosch started to develop its own peristaltic pump technology to satisfy the growing demands of its pharmaceutical customers and to offer a genuine alternative to conventional filling systems. The Bosch peristaltic pump combines the advantages of the traditional peristaltic concept with optimized dosing accuracy. “We checked the market, and Bosch has a good reputation for this kind of technology,” Lee Beaver confirms. “Filling operations are drip-free, and the single-use components significantly contribute to clean handling.” Moreover, the peristaltic pump is very user-friendly. The operator can conduct product and batch changeovers faster and safer, as the system reduces the risk of cross-contamination.


“The line has been in operation for over two years now, but it didn’t take us that long to recognize the key benefits for us: safe and reliable vial handling, filling accuracy of the peristaltic pump technology and the cleanliness of the entire process,” Lee Beaver concludes.


If you would like to learn more about the technology and read the full story, look out for the current packazine issue, Bosch Packaging Technology’s customer magazine, which will be published in May 2014.


Jamie Schroetter
Business Development Manager
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