“Local is the magic word”

Walter Haecki

After four years in China, Walter Häcki returned to his Swiss homeland just over one year ago to take over the management of Bosch Packaging Services. Pack insights spoke with him about this eventful year and about his future plans for the after-sales service.


Mr. Häcki, you have now been managing Bosch Packaging Services, which has its headquarters in Beringen, Switzerland, for one year. What were the major challenges you faced?

Managing a global product division is both a challenge and a pleasure at the same time. The after-sales service area offers huge potential for growth. Working in a dynamic and global environment, our focus is on the continuous expansion of our service network, so that we always remain close to where our customers are.


What experiences stayed with you from your time at Bosch Packaging Technology in China?

I really value living and working in Switzerland. From China I brought the ability to understand different cultures and their needs. This relates to associates as well as to customers. Only if we listen very carefully can we offer our customers added value. In my current tasks, I benefit from a strengthened intercultural understanding and an active exchange of ideas between the colleagues at our worldwide service hubs. Mutual visits support knowledge exchange and strengthen competence in dealing with diverse market needs.


What has changed during your first year at Bosch Packaging Services?

Bosch Packaging Services is increasingly evolving into a value-added service provider. “Local” is the magic word: it is becoming more and more important to be present in the different markets and to provide after-sales services from a single source. As an organization we are well positioned on an international scale and have grown ever closer together. Our customers expect us to help them increase their equipment effectiveness; we achieve this through our tailor-made services such as tailored preventive maintenance agreements.



What are your future goals for Bosch Packaging Services?

In future we want to continue to offer our customers reliable support. Proximity to our customers and speed play a central role. For instance, we want to further optimize our delivery times by having spare parts warehouses worldwide. Rather than resting on our laurels after ten years of success, we will continuously enhance our proven approaches.


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