Heat pads: Ultrasonic sealing technology boosts hermetic seal reliability

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Disposable heat pads soothe severe back pains by generating heat triggered by a simple chemical reaction in the pad that occurs after the pad is unwrapped and exposed to air, delivering gentle warmth to relieve pain and other muscular ailments. The heat pad’s packaging must be hermetically sealed to prevent air entering  the pack and triggering  the chemical reaction during transit, thereby making the product unusable.


A healthcare manufacturer, longstanding customer of Bosch, wanted to increase the seal integrity on its packaging line for the fragile good, and turned to Bosch to find an innovative packaging solution. A modern system was developed in close cooperation, guaranteeing not only optimal sealing quality, but also minimal production downtime, thus enhancing overall equipment effectiveness


By using ultrasonic sealing technology, the Sigpack HCUL flow wrapping machine enables hermetic sealing for flow-wrapping lines. The machine uses mechanical oscillation energy to create seal edges. The friction between the two layers of film generates heat at the precise point where it is needed, creating long molecular chains that fix the film layers together tightly. This will ultimately enhance seal integrity. The packaging’s content can be shielded from air, vapor and light.


The new machine is operating at speeds up to 160 packages per minute and can monitor the sealing process online during the pad packaging process. The Sigpack HCUL wins over customers in terms of both performance and solid workmanship.


Jörg Kleiner
General Manager Sales Pharmaceutical & Medical
phone: +41 58 674 6913

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  1. Pranatola says:

    This is a very interesting article. I am a fan of company bosch since I am a child. Your company is producing high-end quality and that is, what matters!

    Best regards.

  2. Guri Levin says:

    Dear Sir

    Can you please send a more detailed article , if it exists ?

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    Guri Levin
    Hirshberg Brothers

    • Bosch Packaging Technology says:

      Dear Mr. Levin,
      thank you for your interest in our topics. One of our associates will get in contact with you soon and provide the informations to you.

      Kind Regards,
      Stefanie Krauß (Bosch Packaging Technology Marketing)

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