Seminar for pharmaceutical inspectors


Bosch supports municipal health authority in Japan
Bosch Packaging Technology K.K recently invited staff members of the Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to attend a seminar at its Funabashi plant focusing on the filling of liquid pharmaceuticals and validation.


The request from the Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health to carry out a seminar for its inspectors was of course a tremendously positive acknowledgment and recognition of the Funabashi team’s work. A date was set for September, on which the experts devoted an entire day to the 38 participants. As well as presenting filling systems for liquid pharmaceuticals the seminar also tackled the topic of validation.


Part of the time was also devoted to hands-on activities which involved tasks such as determining fill volume and vacuum sealing requirements. For this activity the participants were divided up into four groups to give everyone the opportunity to try out the filling and vacuum sealing process using our test machines. The participants used the parameters that had previously been calculated and discussed within the group to guide them in this task.


The feedback at the end of the seminar was extremely positive. The participants agreed that the seminar had been a very interesting and valuable experience. We are delighted to be able to support the pharmaceutical inspectors from the Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health in their daily work. These kinds of activities enable us to contribute to the high standards of pharmaceutical quality in Japan and to play our part in maintaining and improving people’s health.



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