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Spare Parts

While the demand for high-performance production machinery and spare parts is growing at a rapid pace, it also opens up new markets for product pirates. Even the most durable machine will require individual components to be exchanged throughout its life cycle, and it is no secret that counterfeit components are cheaper than originals. However, replicated parts have a much lower life expectancy and can cause substantial damage to machines and production lines, not to mention health and safety risks for operators.


State-of-the-art originals
When it comes to producing and packaging pharmaceuticals and food, complying with the strictest safety regulations and quality criteria is of paramount importance; even the slightest variation on part specifications can result in serious damage to other machine elements. It often only takes a minor defect in a replicated component to jeopardize the entire production; for instance, when a substandard electronic component causes a short circuit.


Some counterfeiters have an astonishing amount of expert knowledge at their disposal, yet they are rarely able to bring this expertise in line with the special requirements of a certain industry or product. What’s more, dimensions, tolerances and other compatibility criteria have changed over time, making it almost impossible for counterfeits to conform to the state of the art. Therefore, it is clear that working with reliable partners who possess profound market knowledge and can deliver the parts for their machines on a regional basis is the option that pays off in the long run.


Invented for life
Apart from manufacturing and delivering single parts, renowned original manufacturers like Bosch Packaging Technology offer their customers a broad after-sales service portfolio once the machine has been installed. In case a customer has unknowingly integrated counterfeit components into a machine, Bosch is at hand to help. The service technicians are available on site to remove and exchange replicated parts with originals, and to conduct the necessary repair work. The global network makes it possible for Bosch Packaging Services to react to customer requests flexibly, as well as to supply spare parts for all types and generations of Bosch machinery all around the globe. All this is in conformance to Bosch’s motto, “Invented for life”.


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