Energy-efficient chewing gum line for award-winning African manufacturer


Sought and found
Kenafric is a true success story. Founded more than 25 years ago, the company evolved from a small family business in East Africa to an award-winning, leading manufacturer in various industries. Today it ranks among the most important players in Africa’s confectionary industry.


Always striving to be ahead of the competition, Kenafric has a long-standing and successful relationship with Bosch. When its recently launched premium chewing gum brand “Fresh” experienced a surge in popularity, Kenafric approached Bosch to supply an energy-efficient processing and packaging line to meet growing consumer demand. “Fresh” is a range of squared dragées, which are bite-sized, colorful gums with a hard outer shell, coated with sugar and come in various flavors.


A suitable solution
Bosch created a new, individually tailored line for Kenafric, which not only meets the company’s requirements regarding energy consumption, but is also capable of high production with low downtime resulting in high OEE. The processing line consists of a forming extruder WEF 1020, a rolling and scoring line WWK 0401, a cooling tunnel WTC 1500, an inline breaking drum WOB 0700, as well as the flow wrappers BVK 2000 A for primary packaging and the SVE 2515 AR for secondary packaging. Not only was Bosch’s rolling and scoring line with low energy consumption at Kenafric the first of its kind in Kenya, but also in all of East Africa.


Sweet horizons
With Bosch’s customized line in action, Kenafric is currently able to produce more than one ton of chewing gum per hour non-stop while meeting the company guidelines in terms of energy consumption. The distinct packaging stands out on shelves across Africa. Although the product was recently launched in 2012, it is already very popular and considered one of the favorites in the African market.


Frank Jansen
Product manager
Phone: +49(2162)248-452

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