Developing an advanced ophthalmic filling solution

ophthalmic filling solution

Out of its facility in Minneapolis, Bosch Packaging Technology builds turnkey solutions for all kinds of filling needs. Over the years, we built a reputation for high-quality and high-utilization filling equipment, which did not go unheard by manufacturers from the eye care industry. With the FLO and FRO filling machines, Bosch has designed two types of filling systems that transfer the company’s pharmaceutical experience to highly accurate ophthalmic filling equipment. The stainless steel components used in both machines, ensure both longevity and sterility. The pharmaceutical design meets all GMP requirements.


Depending on the volume desired, customers can chose between a rotary and a linear filling system. With its rotary turret and a processing range of up to 500 millilitres, the FRO filling machine is designed for filling large plastic containers with, for instance, contact lens solution. For small volumes, typically OTC or prescription eye drops, Bosch offers the FLO linear filling system with an in-line design for small bottles, processing volumes between 5 and 30 millilitres.



High output and accuracy
Both ophthalmic filling systems have the capacity of filling and capping up to 300 bottles per minute, while maintaining a high degree of filling accuracy. Investing in ophthalmic filling solutions made in Minneapolis pays off in the long run: The robust machines withstand caustic products and cleaning solutions. Operating expenses remain low due to fewer wear parts requiring maintenance, easy changeover, and high reliability. Servo drives ensure a high level of automation.


In the production of eye care products, product quality is the most important aspect. Significant technological advances ensure risk of product contamination is minimized. In order to achieve best product quality, capping immediately after filling is an essential part of the process. Both filling systems have capping stations with the option of snap or screw capping in line with the filling system. Not only contact lens solutions are being filled and capped on FLO and FRO filling equipment. The products also include pharmaceutical and moisturizing eye drops.


Jamie Schroetter
Business Development Manager
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