Containment solution for veterinary medicine at Vétoquinol


During the expansion of its production plant in Lure, France, the French producer of veterinary medicines Vétoquinol decided to modernize its production equipment. The company needed an all-in-one solution for granulating and drying powder under highest containment requirements. The absolute separation of active ingredients and employees in the cleanroom was of upmost importance in this process.


Hüttlin supplies best solution
The system had to satisfy standard production requirements and at the same time be applicable for research purposes and small batches. “Bosch was open for our needs and offered us the best technical suggestions for our production conditions,” explains Olivier Vermot-Desroches, technical manager at Vétoquinol. Hüttlin GmbH, a subsidiary of Bosch Packaging Technology, based in Schopfheim, Germany, designed a solution that exactly matches the specific requirements of Vétoquinol.


Principal components of the new system are the high-shear mixer granulator HBG 600, the fluid bed system HDGC 200 as well as a jointly developed closed loop cleaning system with a WIP (wash-in-place) station. The centrepiece of the high-shear mixer granulator is its Gentlewing mixing tool, whose patented geometry guarantees best mixing results. The tangential air outlet of the patented Hüttlin Diskjet in the fluid bed system leads to significantly reduced drying times. In total the flexible system can process granules from 60 to 240 kilograms.


SMEPAC test proves containment quality
The production process takes place in a containment system based on double valves. This prevents dust emerging from the interface between filling and emptying and enables the operator to work without individual protective gear. An independent environment research institution performed a SMEPAC test (Standardized Measurement of Equipment Particulate Airborne Concentrations), which provided very satisfying results. The entire project was equally successful: After a two-year cooperation period, Vétoquinol was able to begin with the production in its new building in October 2012.


Bernd Wolpensinger
Project Manager
phone: +49 7622-6884-412





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